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Return of Martin Guerre, The - A topless woman is weakly whipped alongside her husband in a fertility ritual. We next see her squirming about on the floor and then he shoots her. Her brother tries to join in and she objects to that and pushes him out of the way, then goes back to letting Daddy get the last few smacks in. The Women's Hell, The - In this women's prison movie from the late director Bruno Mattei, an unknown woman is tied topless with her arms outstretched. The title, as close as I can make out is "Harem Slave.

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Erotic Journey - Honk Kong 'pink' film that is basically a weak rip-off of Escape From Hell minus all the good violence.

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Flogging - scene from movie

Tiring of this he takes the switch away from her and begins to whip her with it. A Girl is taken prisoner by a macabre acting troop. The Hangman's Daughter - Esmeralda played by gorgeous Ara Celi disobeys her own father after he asks her to leave in the midst of a public whipping. The second scene right after the first features another muscular dude applying a cat o'nine tails to the back of a chained-up slave girl right across her back. The original script for this movie called for Alba to be tied to the bed during her whipping, but was unfortunately changed before filming began.

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movie scene naked and flogged
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movie scene naked and flogged
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