Fat tissue in vagina

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Case Reports Case 1: JB Lippincott,pp — The vagina is a fibromuscular tube, the walls of which are normally in apposition in the relaxed state; it is H-shaped in its central portion, the side walls being suspended by their attachment to the paravaginal lateral connective tissue from which they receive their blood supply. They are involuntarily mediated through the autonomic nervous system, spinal reflex arcs, and chemical or mechanical stimuli. Lipomas after blunt soft tissue trauma: Superiorly it ends at the point of fusion between the adventitia of the bladder and vagina. The structure of the female lower urinary tract and pelvic floor.

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The latter is formed by fusion of the pubococcygeal muscles A posterior to the rectum.

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Vulvar Lipoma: Is It So Rare?

When this is not promptly evident, the physician may well have carried this dissection beneath the connective tissue capsule of the uterus, well above the anterior peritoneal reflection, and succeeded in peeling the peritoneum along with this uterine connective tissue capsule from the anterior surface of the uterus. The connective tissue capsules or adventitia of the bladder, birth canal, and rectum are attached to the pelvis, and at certain points to one another, by condensation of connective tissue that contain the principal blood vessels and lymphatics to and from these organs. In this chapter, the anatomy of the pelvic structures will be described from the clinician's point of view. It sends branches to the bulbocavernous muscle. A year-old para1 woman was referred to our centre with a slow-growing left vulvar mass of a year's duration.

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fat tissue in vagina
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fat tissue in vagina

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