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They soon arrived to a breakfast restaurant named "Mama Mia's" and entered inside only to be greeted by a yellow Toad. The End Thanks for reading! Luigi didn't hesitate as he brought her face near his and engaged them into a warm and passionate kiss. Luigi closed his eyes, but slowly opened them as he saw a woman that looked like Daisy. Daisy laughed before planting a sweet kiss on his lips. And soon, their orgasms happened at the same time, Luigi groaned in their kiss as his seed shot itself deep inside Daisy's womb once again while she squealed when her fluids sprayed all around the plumber's length with great force.

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He smiled for some reason since a dirty thought came into his mind.

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Luigi and daisy having sex

Daisy's insides started to heat up as she looked at Luigi's cock. Luigi dropped down on her chest and kissed her lips but this only happened for a quick second as Daisy rapidly changed their positions, putting herself above the plumber and pinning his hand above his head on the bed. I'd let the husband watch his wife bing molested, and try to stop it only to be restrained by 2 other doctors and tied to a chair and forced to watch his wife being screwed. What the-," he muttered, raising himself up. Very Violent…'' Daisy said ''That's a load of baloney…. Daisy blushed again and licked his earlobe gently, arousing the plumber a bit.

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luigi and daisy nude
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